Easy COW Chip Brownies

It's the holiday season and the last thing you need is a complicated recipe in order to wow your guests.

That's what we think FANNE Club Community member Erin Hingley was thinking when she came up with this super easy treat. 

Unlike past recipes in our Free Recipe series, this submission is a way to combine a few of your favourite dessert elements and make something yummy at the same time. 

Here's a little intro from Erin:

"Hi! My name is Erin Hingley. I live in Moncton, NB with my husband, Chris, my two teenage children, Toby and Derek and my mum, Carmella. 

I'm the Clinic Coordinator and an instructor at the Oulton College Dental Hygiene Program. Now a resident of Moncton, New Brunswick, I've spent most of my life in Nova Scotia and I love visiting PEI and Anne of Green Gables Chocolates. I love Cow Chips and jumped at the chance to create a treat with them. Hope you like it!"

The best part? Erin even put together a sweet poem inspired by her creation.

Check it out below:

T'was the night before Christmas, 

When the phone did chime, 

Guests were coming, 

We don't have much time.


We looked in the kitchen,

And wracked our brains.

"We need something special!"

We thought in vain. 


We need to make something,

With the ingredients on hand,

And there it was on the counter,

Our favorite brand. 


The Cow on the Cow Chips watched us,

But didn't say "Moo!"

A thought appeared quickly,

We knew what to do!


We love our Cow Chips,

And we have some brownies to spare.

A little whipped cream icing,

And we were almost there.


Roll a brownie into a little ball,

And set onto a chip.

That's not all.

It's a step on to skip.


A rosette of icing,

Or even a plop.

It's the crown of the dessert,

And now we can stop. 


Looking like hors d'oeuvres,

Tasting like heaven.

Who thought we'd have all these

Ready by seven?


So very sweet,

You may only need one. 

The salt and chocolate from the Cow Chips

Makes for even more fun.


Once again Anne Chocolates

Saves the day!

In time for a lovely evening,

With Santa on the way! 

Easy COW Chip Brownies

1. To create the brownie take your favourite brownie recipe. Erin suggests this Cocoa Brownie recipe

2. To create the icing use your go-to frosting recipe. Erin suggests this Whipped Cream recipe. Bonus points if you die them green with food colouring to make them look like trees!

3. When everything is ready, ice the brownies once cooled and place on a Milk Chocolate COW Chip to present to your guests. For bonus points you can add sprinkles to the frosting and make it look like Christmas trees!

4. Enjoy your crunchy easy treat with friends.


To make this recipe yourself, purchase our Milk Chocolate COW Chips here!

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